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In celebration of getting started on my job, I decided to try some tea from a unique tea-seller: Hobbit Tea. They sell a small selection (only 3 varieties) of teas themed around The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. I decided to try the “Bilbo Baggins Breakfast Blend” and “Gandalf the Grey Tea”. The former is a blend of black tea, orange zest, red clover, cinnamon, and natural orange extract; the latter is mixed of chamomile flowers and Red Bush tea (Rooibis).

The Bilbo Baggins Breakfast Blend.

The Breakfast Blend turned out to have a pleasant, warm flavour. Just what one would want for a morning. The orange and cinnamon go very well together, I always thought those were two complementary tastes to begin with. This one was also a big hit with the younger siblings due to its spicy and exotic taste.

Gandalf the Grey Tea

The Gandalf the Grey Tea was also delightful. Chamomile is traditionally brewed as a tea to help with sleep. Red Bush tea is a variety found in South Africa and has a sweet, slightly nutty flavour. Both are often served sweetened with honey or lemon. I fairly certain this is meant to be a relaxing and calming tea; Chamomile being used for sleeping and Rooibus to assist with nervousness and digestion.

One thought on “Hobbit Teas”

  1. Just stumbled into your website today… how interesting… I am a bit of a tea enthusiast too.

    Rooibosh (Red Bush) tea from South Africa being my all time favorite…

    Your venture to the tea shop sounds lovely… and we like LOTR and most Tolkien bits around here also…

    Good Sipping to you.

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