Not There

This a poem I made for fun when I couldn’t reach someone I knew in my dorm. I tried several times (knocking on their door) without success which drove me to write the poem below:

Not There
by Lord Gravix

I think you’re not there,
I think you’re not real,
for whenever I come no one is here.

Are you a ghost?
Or even a specter?
Or perhaps it’s just Waldo who’s living here.

You may think I’m crazy,
and even insane,
but you would be too,
if you had to keep coming here.

And with that it brings up the question,
who does not answer,
when knocking is heard,
from their own front door?
“No one.” you’d say!

And exactly my point,
that you are not there,
and thus you’re not real,
and finally end this sick joke
of me continually coming here.

Author: Lord Gravix

I have traveled across space and time and chicken to come to this planet. I have crushed all who got in my way. I have prevented countless worlds from existing through my many actions. I enjoy gardening, poetry,and a good cup of peppermint tea.

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